CSF Inox

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Double Acting Air Operated Piston Pumps

The CSF air-operated piston pumps are available in different executions, both for what regards constructive features, materials and the different uses they are meant to. They have been designed to satisfy the most different requirements of pumping products also with extremely high viscosities. They have been specially designed to transfer, feed, convey, spray, for circulation plants and for whichever equipment, where an adjustable delivery is required.

Thanks to the compressed air motor, they are also suitable in ex-proof environments. Heads vary from 0 to 150 bar and deliveries from 1 to 80 l/min. They are made by a compressed air motor, which in its alternated movement gives the pumping shaft the power necessary to move the product from suction to outlet. Sealing parts and pumping elements are available in a wide range of materials and stages, projected and tested to carry out different performances. The structure may be in stainless steel ASIS 316 where necessary otherwise it is in carbon steel.