CSF Inox

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Sanitary Centrifugal Screw Pumps : CR Series

Delicate handling without clogging.

The pumps series CR have been designed and manufactured in order to allow extremely low flow velocities of the liquids and joined to the particular screw impeller shape they determine a delicate and integral handling.

They combine the properties of a centrifugal pump with the delicacy of a positive displacement pump.

This enables to involve high consistency material with presence of solids.

  • Designed and manufactured to ensure the elimination of stagnation zone
  • Chemical polishing treatment.
  • Deliveries from 0 to 140-150m3/hr with heads up to 20m.

Thanks to the clamp sealing of the casing the pumps are easily disassembled for inspection, cleaning and maintenance purposes; the delivery port can also be turned in all directions.

For particularly aggressive environments the CR pumps can be manufactured in the following materials on request:

  • Sanicro 28 (1.4563)
  • Duplex Saf 2507 (1.4410)
  • Hastelloy C276