CSF Inox

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Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps: CV Series


Centrifugal pumps suitable for higher heads (between 40 and 80m), can be employed in those branches where the cleaning of the pump after every operation is not required, or where the total absence of recessed cavities is not necessary. They are widely used in wineries and chemical industries, in water treatment and in the feeding and filtering of C.I.P. systems.


In very thick cast sheet steel, they are remarkably sturdy and make the costs of those installations very interesting, where hygiene is not a big problem. In order to be able to operate with heads between 40 and 80m, mostly of them (with the only exception of the 3 biggest models) are multistage, with 2-3 or 4 impellers. They are made in stainless steel with impellers in stainless steel or RILSAN. In the close coupled version, the impellers are directly born by the electric motor shaft. Upon request the motor can be protected by a stainless steel cover. Connections according to DIN 11851 norms.